Get Over Your Fears and Go Try Out a Bible Study Group | Livestock

Many people might be immediately intimidated by the notion of going to a bible study meeting. Well, let me tell you; fear not, because these sorts of meetings are actually highly conducive to your walk as a Christian. And truly, it is in these meetings in which you may finally attain some sort of fellowship with your fellow brethren.In your typical bible study group you’ll usually have one person as the leader. Now don’t be afraid of this person. If he is actually a good Christian then he will be happy to facilitate you. And he should be able to guide you on whatever fears you may have. Some tips for joining a new group will follow. The first rule of course, is to always be prepared. You’ll need to bring your bible every time and you should have one that you are willing to make notes in — so of course you’ll need pencil and paper too. Personally, I use bible software, and bring a laptop. There are heaps of great programs out there and most will contain a search interface so that you can lookup various verses of the bible. You might be surprised these days how many amateur theologians are actually out there. And by just having your laptop in hand, or at least nearby so that you are ready to learn, you will likely garner quite a bit of respect from the group.

The important thing here is not to get carried away too fast. The is a rich and complicated book that was written by ancient people who lived in a world that is, well, very different than the world we live in. We don’t have to content with nearly the amount of existential angst that our ancient ancestors did. Dirt roads, smelly livestock, no electricity, and, if you can believe it, no internet. The life of Jesus Christ was complicated and his message was not always easy to understand. Don’t worry if you, for example, are just not following what is being said. Christianity is not easy. Theology is, exceptionally difficult to learn. But don’t worry; people in the group are going to know that this is the reason why you’re here. And, if, for some reason, you feel that you are not fitting in with the group, there are many other bible groups to choose from. Many are easy to find in your hometown or local parish.